Confused about what type of paper you need?
Take a look at this which may help you decide (x means yes):

Food papers Natural Brown Deli Butchers Paper Compostable Scale Printed Greaseproof
Direct Food Contact x x x on non printed side
Ovenable x
Freezable x x
Cheese x x x
Fresh Meat x x
Bread Wrap x x x x
Fresh Fish x x
Cold Sandwiches x x x x
Cakes x x x
Cooked Meat x x x
Pizzas cooking x
Hot food (Burgers, chips, etc) x x x x
Liner (Basket. Trays etc) x x x x
Interleaves (burgers etc when freezing) x
Can be printed on x x x
Labels will adhere to x x x
Recyclable x x
Compostable x x